Another Atari 2600. This one inspired by the old Nintendo Game and Watch “Octopus”. Rom and source available below.

Rom can be downloaded here: CLICK

Batari Basic Code Below:

Kraken Attack 2600 Source Code

As some of you might know I programmed Desert Bus 2600 in a collaborative effort with the good people of Clever Machine Studios. In addition to some of my other games being distributed through them like Knight Boat: The Crime Solving Boat, Ammo & Arrows: The Hunt For Lincoln’s Gold and Death Race 2600 I am constantly working on other games and projects for the 2600. I prefer to do marathon programming sessions and get the bulk of a game completed over the span of a weekend. Such was the case of Desert Bus 2600 over 4th of July weekend 2013. This past weekend I was working on a game engine that will eventually be used to make a port of Splatterhouse for the 2600 and a few other games. With a few tweaks and some inspiration from the arcade version of Karate Champ I present to you Ninja Champ 2600.

Think of it as a spiritual successor to Karate Champ but with Ninjas. In the current build you can punch, kick, crouch punch, crouch kick, jump kick advance and retreat. It supports 1 and 2 players, VS, and a demo mode as you can see in the video below. There are still some more things to come including energy bars, scores. etc. so visit back here often for updates.

If you are interested in purchasing this title for distribution the rights might be available. Email to express your interest.

ninja champ 1 ninja champ 2 ninja champ 3 ninja champ 4

I’m proud that pre-orders for Desert Bus 2600 is now coming to a close. Clever Machine Studios is the publisher of this amazing tongue in cheek game, and I am proud to say I was the programmer. The game, purposefully designed to be a more realistic version of the original Desert Bus takes you on an extremely long and boring ride from Tucson Arizona to Las Vegas Nevada, and back. The trip takes hours because the bus travels in real time… about 43.5 miles per hour.

I have other games in the pipe including Death Race 2600, Ammo and Arrows: The Hunt For Lincolns Gold, and Knight Boat: The Crime Solving Boat. Additionally I have other Atari 2600 titles in the works which I’ll preview here!


Yeah I pretty much abandoned this blog for the past year.  I wasn’t going to renew the domain but after neglectful consideration its still here.  Some interesting events happened overnight which has lead me to reconsider what should still be posted here.  Don’t worry, its still gaming related!  Expect updates soon.

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001 double dragon front final

Hey everyone. As you might noticed I don’t update this blog often any more. Mostly because I’m hard at work at the VideoGamePriceGuides.Com and over at Since I no longer have content ads on these sites, they no longer generate revenue. As an alternative to help support the sites I am now publishing a series of trading cards highlighting great moments in video game history. The first card: Marian’s Abduction from Double Dragon is now available for $2 with free shipping! This is a limited print run so if you’re even remotely interested in Double Dragon or gaming in general you do not want to miss out on this! The card can be purchased here:

Over at Video Game Price Guides, the Sega Genesis  price guide 2013 is now available.  Click here to view:

Hey, over at VideoGamePriceGuides the 2013 Nintendo NES Price guide has been posted.  I’ll post the rest in the coming days.

Over at the price guide I’ve included a brief article on purchasing an Original Nintendo NES for Christmas or birthdays:

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I recently updated the TurboGrafx-16 video game price guide, you can view it: click here.   I had originally gotten a TurboGrafx-16 after a friend of mine (Vath) had purchased one, and a crap load of games from a Montgomery Wards.  I found two of the games he got to be particularly interesting: Battle Royale and Final Lap Twin.

Battle Royal is actually a god awful wrestling game, but the quirky characters made up for the choppy animations and other elements that were lacking in the game.  Its been more than twenty years since I played it but I do recall that you started out as a “manager” and you’d select your wrestler then the match would begin.  The game featured instant replays and other useless crap.

Final Lap Twin on the other hand was an amazing arcade racing game, but this version featured an RPG mode where you’d race RC cars instead of fighting one another.  You’d earn money, upgrade the car, and race some more. Its interesting that a “kid with an RC car” fits the mold of a traditional RPG so well.

Anyways, shortly there after I got my own TG-16.  Vigilante was my favorite but so was Galaga 60, and Tricky Kick.  I had Victory Run and Pac-land but I don’t recall what happened to my copies.  Actually, I don’t remember what happened to my TG-16.

A few years later I did get a Turbo Duo which I still have to this day.  I didn’t purchase any additional games after it as I was quite content with Y’s, Bonk’s Adventure, Bonk’s Revenge, BomberMan, Gate of Thunder, and Ninja Spirit.  The system came with all six games so it kept me occupied for months.  But this did overlap the time to when Street Fighter II was popular and the system got equal play along with the Super Nintendo.  Then of course the SEGA Saturn came along, and the Turbo Duo went into the closet.  Boo!

Anyways, the price guide has been updated!  Check it out!

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I don’t spend much money on video games. Actually, since running the video game price guides it’s rare I’ll spend more than $20 for an eBay lot of games, so my recent purchase of an AtariAge Harmony cart was really out of the norm.

I won’t share the exact price as I don’t know if the prices change based on demand but I will say I spent more than $40 for it. But what exactly is a Harmony cart?

Well it’s an Atari 2600 cartridge that started it’s life out as a Combat or an E.T. or other common Atari cart. The guts are swapped out with propriety circuitry that accepts SD cards. Load up some Atari 2600 roms and presto- you can play the game on original Atari hardware.

But wait wait wait Salzman! Aren’t you against piracy? Don’t you always lament how a true video game enthusiast pays for play? That if you’re not using original copies you are cheating the programmers?

ABSOLUTELY! My opinion on piracy has not changed, but the Harmony Cart purchase was not with the intent of piracy. Sure, some people probably use the cart in this fashion but not me. I bought it to test game binaries that I have created. Specifically Fighting Pit!  Want proof?  Check out Fighting Pit to see the latest progress on the game.  But this isn’t the only game I’m working on for the Atari 2600.  I’m also working on a version of Operation Wolf, and another Sequel to Berzerk/Frenzy which I’m tentatively calling Fury.

The programming is easier than I ever imagined using Batari Basic.  It’s a BASIC compiler that allows you to create Atari games within the  limits of the Atari hardware.  There are some things that Batari Basic cannot do, but for what it can do it is amazing, and simple, and doesn’t require any knowledge of assembly (what the games were originally created in) to actually make a game.

But don’t buy a Harmony Cart just to test binary games that you created!  You can also try the roms for prototypes and other programmers in the community.  These titles are fair game and totally worth the purchase of the Harmony Cart.