Karnov and Breakthru are on their way… I got confirmation this evening. They were shipped like last Wednesday so it's possible they are resting in my PO Box.

It's comforting to know that a 22 year old game can inspire memories. I first played Breakthru at a Pistol Pete's Pizza which was basically a Chuck E Cheese. I can to this day recall all of the games that place had.

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It's 1:00am. Sunday. I work in a few hours and unlike the poor grammar of the Japanese I "cannot feel asleep."

Other Nintendo games have pleasant sleep scenes… like the ending to Super Mario Bros. 2.

Despite the ringing in my ears from the three fans blowing in the room I can hear every noise in and outside of the house. This reminds me an experiment I want to try… details coming soon.

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Money was a little bit loose this week so I splurged on a few titles from my favorite seller Pedro! (read my review of PedroGames.Com at http://www.videogamepriceguides.com/).

The last time I played Street Fighter 2010 I was in the 9th grade… 18 years ago! At the time Street Fighter 2 was popular but this game is nothing like SF2- its just a typical platform game with good music.

I only discovered Cobra Command a few months ago… I guess it will be the closest thing to Choplifter for the NES outside of the atrocious Famicom version. Nice music and scenery- you can smell the jungle mist.

Renegade. Not as good as the arcade version which was a blast. I believe this was a precursor to River City Ransom.

Radioactive Man. Never played it, but if it’s like the other Simpson games I’ll probably be disappointed. Perhaps it will be worth trading for a Balloon Fight or a…???

That last auction shown in the photo was a surprise to me. If you’re interested you’ll just have to search the item number.

So with those six games plus Karnov and Breakthru hopefully in the mail I have 8 games to look forward to.

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I won Karnov and Breakthru earlier this week for a penny each with reasonable shipping. Both are made by Dataeast which by the way (oh my!) Burgertime is well. I broke 50k, this afternoon on the forth level. Perhaps its a cheap victory because I was able to group and drop all of the hotdogs eggs and pickles all at once for 8000pts. before they regrouped and killed me

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My personal best at Burgertime still sucks but its better than what it was thanks to the 5th level.

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I finally made it to the 5th level of Burgertime at the expense of ripping some hair out…

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Golf Manual

I'e been working on the manual for Golf. It's almost finished!

Compared to others this Burgertime score sucks. But it's the highest I've gotten so far. The forth level always seems to get choppy for me. I'm pretty certain it's only because of all the stuff on the screen… several burger ingredients, the chef, the egg, the pickles, the hotdogs. It seems that when the programmers of NES games encountered a situation like this they always had two options… the first is to let the game suffer the slow down, and the other was to compensate with 'flicker'. Super Mario Bros. encounters this a lot. But I guess in a game like Burgertime choppiness is better than flicker because who would want Mr. Hotdog creeping up on you like a ghost?

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Rygar had a beautiful sunset. The Nintendo version (pictured above) was no where near as beautiful as the arcade version but it certainly gets the job done. The parallax scrolling is a nice effect and really adds a nice layer of depth to the game. It's amazing how something simple such as a stationary graphic can bring realism to a game.

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The label for Golf is now attached! I'll be giving it away at www.videogamepriceguides.com in the month of September. More details coming soon…!