Monthly archive: September 2009

Earlier I posted about an eBay experiement to win some discounted Nintendo games… so what were the results?  Well  Battletoads had a counter offer of $10.  Maniac Mansion’s offer was declined.  I never heard back on Thunder and Lighting or Clu Clu Land. Ducktales was accepted, as was 1943, which I didn’t mentioned in the […]

eBay Luck

Well it seems that my eBay experiment resulted in crazy results… so what exactly did I win? Hmm find out soon.

Several months back after I added the “Make As Offer” icon to I had a wild idea of making ridiculously low offers on a bunch of games to see what kind of return or response I would get. To do this experiment I’ve decided on the following rules: The Nintendo game must have an average […]

Below are instructions on how to get a tight grouping on level 2 of Burgertime for Nintendo.  A couple things to keep in mind: 1.) Do not attempt this grouping on a full stomach (you’ll learn why later.)  2.) As soon as the level starts you need to start walking so already be pressing up […]

I mentioned in an earlier post about cleaning NES games that the best thing to do is to open the cartridge and use a pencil eraser on the contacts.  I don’t advocate any type of actual cleaner, and using brasso on a video game is bad because brasso contains an acid. So what happens when […]

Ok, so as you can see it’s the start of level three of Burgertime. 100k was achieved on level 1. 75k was achieved on level 2. 12 lives in reserve. Notice that I didn’t say earned. Also notice that the screen shot looks different from previous ones. That’s because it was achieved on the Nintendo […]

I just bought Rygar, Wrecking Crew and a few other games from  5 games = $10 shipping, which isn’t that bad since most sellers (including Pedro on single games) will charge $3 – $4. I’ve been thinking about re-tiling my bathroom with the sunset from Rygar… it just looks so cool: The NES version […]

I promised I wouldn’t post about Burgertime for a week… well it’s been a week! A long one- and I’ve filled it with stage 2 grouping…. I might have it perfected… It’s going to be critical to break 200k and the eventual TwinGalaxies record.

When thumbing through an old copy of Gamepro Magazine, I stumbled on this advertisement for Goal! on Nintendo.  I don’t know anything about the sport of soccer, but this advertisement teaches me alot.  First of all it teaches me that a kick to the crotch is an acceptable move. I’m being sarcastic of course, but if this […]

There are a handful of original Nintendo games that are overpriced for reasons I’ll never understand.  Contra and Bubble Bobble always come to mind.  As of this post there are over 100 copies of Bubble Bobble available on eBay and the same goes for Contra as well.  Bubble Bobble is averaging about $17, with contra […]