Earlier I posted about an eBay experiement to win some discounted Nintendo games… so what were the results?  Well  Battletoads had a counter offer of $10.  Maniac Mansion’s offer was declined.  I never heard back on Thunder and Lighting or Clu Clu Land.

Ducktales was accepted, as was 1943, which I didn’t mentioned in the original post.  Each were accepted for a total of 4.99 a piece (including shipping!)

This is good news as it would mean that 20% of the games offered at $4.99 were accepted.  It could just be a foluke, I don’t have a large enough data sample to conclude this… but it is encouraging.  So lets try it again…!


eBay Luck

Well it seems that my eBay experiment resulted in crazy results… so what exactly did I win? Hmm find out soon.

Several months back after I added the “Make As Offer” icon to http://www.videogamepriceguides.com/ I had a wild idea of making ridiculously low offers on a bunch of games to see what kind of return or response I would get.

To do this experiment I’ve decided on the following rules:

  1. The Nintendo game must have an average price of $5.00 or more
  2. Shipping for the game must not be more than 3.99
  3. There must be 25 copies or more available
  4. The seller must have a rating of 98.5% or better
  5. No offer will be for more than $1 unless the price with shipping is less than $4.99
  6. The game must be located in the 48 states

Anyways, I don’t have the worlds largest budget so I’m going to limit this experiment to five games only.  The ones I’ve picked are as follows:

Game #1: Battletoads… averages about $10.  Shipping is free, so I’m offering $4.99
Game #2: Thunder & Lightning… averages about $11.  Shipping is $2.92 so I’m offering $2.07
Game #3: Duck Tales… averages about $11.  Shipping is $1.90 so I’m offering $3.09
Game #4: Clu Clu Land… averages about $12.  Shipping is $3.00 so I’m offering $1.99
Game #5: Maniac Mansion… averages about $12.  Shipping is free, so I’m offering $4.99

Best offers can run on for 48 hours.  I’ll post an update after all five offers expire…

Below are instructions on how to get a tight grouping on level 2 of Burgertime for Nintendo.  A couple things to keep in mind: 1.) Do not attempt this grouping on a full stomach (you’ll learn why later.)  2.) As soon as the level starts you need to start walking so already be pressing up when you complete level 1.  As you follow the path do not hesitate or pause, the timing needs to be perfect!  Do not stop moving until you get to the yellow dot in the 2nd screen shot below.
Begin by pressing up then going left as shown below.  Go down then cut across to the right.  Start running up the ladder.  When you get to that platform with the lettuce, go right and be ready to go up the blue ladder that will be to your right…  It will look like you will be killed by a hotdog that will be running up to the same platform you are standing on.  If your timing is perfect, and you have not hesitated he will not kill you.  The top of his head will touch your feet, but just keep pressing up and you will be ok.  Again, make sure you have not had a full stomach before attempting this grouping because that hotdog will make you pollute your underwear…
Once at the top run to the right then go all the way down.  Now before you start running to the left there will be a hotdog and an egg on the same platform getting ready to run up that blue ladder.. the same blue ladder you started to run up at the begining of this screen shot…  Follow the pattern going down the green ladder, across half of the cheese, then down the blue ladder in the middle of the screen.  Once you get to the platform with the two bottom buns walk to the left and stand between the green and blue ladder (indicated by the yellow dot.)
Wait here, and a group of hot dogs and an egg will come down the ladders and follow the yellow arrow.  There will be one hotdog that will be lagging a little behind.  Wait for the precise moment where he gets down the blue ladder and starts to walk to the left… that is your cue to run up the blue ladder (indicated in red) face down and pepper those bitches.  You’ll need at least 3 (three) peppers to group them.  Once grouped have them follow you on to the lettuce and the’ll be grouped.  I’ll post a video when I have time.
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I mentioned in an earlier post about cleaning NES games that the best thing to do is to open the cartridge and use a pencil eraser on the contacts.  I don’t advocate any type of actual cleaner, and using brasso on a video game is bad because brasso contains an acid.

So what happens when you get a game where there is oxidation on the contacts?  Well, first of all what exactly is oxidation?  It’s basically rust.  It happens when an electron is lost between two elements.  It can actually happen to many different things, and not just metal.

Oxidation in a cartridge can only come from two places… the first is from people blowing into the cartridge.  Your saliva is wet and it’s gonna ruin the contacts.  The other is simply from living in an extremely humid environment.  It could be because you simply live somewhere humid, or your home is humid such as from a swamp or evaporation cooler.  It would take a few years of this exposure to actually show the oxidation, but since Nintendo games are around two decades old its a common problem to find.

So how do we fix it?  Well with my cheap Terra Cresta I received I had to resort to desperate measures.  The contacts were oxidized…  BADLY!  One of the worst I had ever seen.  So rather than sand it off with a nail file like I’ve seen elsewhere, I chose to resort to a modification of a tactic I mentioned earlier about cleaning labels.  Your Thumb!  It is one of the most abrasive things in the world (as is all of your fingerprints)  They are constantly being regenerated, and for the purposes of cleaning a cartridge.. well if it doesn’t hurt your finger it probably won’t hurt your cartridge.

All you need to do is open the cartridge.  Take the board out and set it somewhere.  Pour some Comet or Ajax cleaner into a cup or on a paper plate.  Next, wet your thumb under the sink.  It needs to be wet, but not dripping.  The moisture is only to make the cleanser stick to your finger.  The moisture is not meant to “clean” the cartridge it simply acts as a “glue” to make the abrasive powder stick.  Infact, once you press your wet thumb into the powder, the powder should remain looking dry.  If it darkens because of the wetness then you’re thumb was too wet!

With your powdered thumb start rubbing the contants avoiding any area in the green and above.  Go slowly.  Go in circles.  Repeat if necessary.  This will not scratch the contacts at all, and it should leave them super shiny with all oxidation removed.  Use a dry cloth to remove any excess powder that remains.

Thats it, thats all you need to do!  Go clean your Nintendo games.  Do it.  Now!

Ok, so as you can see it’s the start of level three of Burgertime. 100k was achieved on level 1. 75k was achieved on level 2. 12 lives in reserve. Notice that I didn’t say earned. Also notice that the screen shot looks different from previous ones. That’s because it was achieved on the Nintendo DS. That’s right, NES Burgertime on the DS. Don’t ask how or why. Just know that I can’t and won’t claim the score to be legitimate. It’s all part of my method to decypher the grouping for level 2.

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I just bought Rygar, Wrecking Crew and a few other games from http://www.pedrogames.com/.  5 games = $10 shipping, which isn’t that bad since most sellers (including Pedro on single games) will charge $3 – $4.

I’ve been thinking about re-tiling my bathroom with the sunset from Rygar… it just looks so cool:

The NES version kinda looks like a pink football…

The SEGA Master System version (which I never knew existed) kinda looks like an evil pumpkin:

The arcade one looks the best!  But it would probably take thousands of tiles, and I’m lazy, and I’ll probably mess it up some how.  So maybe Rygar wouldn’t be the best way to decorate a bathroom… because….

The Japanese art for the game speaks for itself!

I promised I wouldn’t post about Burgertime for a week… well it’s been a week! A long one- and I’ve filled it with stage 2 grouping…. I might have it perfected… It’s going to be critical to break 200k and the eventual TwinGalaxies record.

When thumbing through an old copy of Gamepro Magazine, I stumbled on this advertisement for Goal! on Nintendo.  I don’t know anything about the sport of soccer, but this advertisement teaches me alot.  First of all it teaches me that a kick to the crotch is an acceptable move. I’m being sarcastic of course, but if this was true then soccer just got interesting…

Now does page two of the ad imply that the kick to the crotch has resulted in the fatality of the Goalie?  Sudden Death should be the name of this game.. Not Goal!  Nintendo ads are the best.. and this one just gave me an idea for a new label… details later.

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There are a handful of original Nintendo games that are overpriced for reasons I’ll never understand.  Contra and Bubble Bobble always come to mind.  As of this post there are over 100 copies of Bubble Bobble available on eBay and the same goes for Contra as well.  Bubble Bobble is averaging about $17, with contra just a few cents under $17.  I’ve seen both of these games easily go for $20 in game stores.
This is where http://www.videogamepriceguides.com/ has proven to come in handy.  Just browsing through the list I saw a BuyItNow Bubble Bobble for less than $12 with free shipping.  I bought it.  Why wouldn’t I?
The same evening I bought Bubble Bobble, I saw a copy of Terra Cresta (BuyItNow), for $2 (it’s currently around $16).  There was also a copy of Lolo for $2 as well (http://cgi.ebay.com/Adventures-of-Lolo-1-Nintendo-NES-Game_W0QQitemZ200385170261QQcategoryZ139973QQcmdZViewItem)  This is currently averaging $14.  I have too many games pending right now to buy it, but it makes me wonder why some games are so inflated.  I can kinda understand Terra Cresta…  there were only 8 copies available, so the supply might be what’s increased it’s value.  But this doesn’t explain Bubble Bobble or Contra.  Were these great games?  Absolutely.  But doubtfully worth $15+