Monthly archive: March 2010

Gun.Smoke by Capcom for Nintendo NES. Kill terrorists of Hicksville. Fight bandits, ninjas and indians. Drive a horse. Unlimited Ammo.

Astyanax by Jaleco for Nintendo NES. Arcade port. Large sprites. Ugly boxart. Underrated! Swing sword, kill baddies, hussy fairy helps.

Kiwi Kraze by Taito for Nintendo NES. Arcade port; ugly title and boxart. Rescue birds from walrus. Shoot arrows. A-

There are more stars in the universe then there are grains of sand on Earth.  Many of the stars we see at night no longer exist, and the billions of miles the light has to travel is still taking it’s sweet time to reach us.  For many, this is difficult to imagine much less understand […]

        Burgertime by DataEast for Nintendo NES. Arcade port, simple yet difficult, catchy tune, enemy egg, hotdog, pickle. Best game ever.

From the Miami News, July 9th 1984, an article about Billy Mitchell, Chris Ayra, and Doris Self.

Bandai’s Chubby Cherub for NES: Simple platformer most people hate. Simple cute game. Naked Baby chomps food avoids dogs. B-.

I have a bunch of games that I never have time to play much less write about. So in the interest of my time and yours I will provide reviews of these forgotten gems in 20 words or less. Here goes: Capcom’s Trojan for Nintendo NES: Arcade port. Platformer. Post Apocalyptic world. Weapons and items. […]

Remember my Sky Shark story? The one about how the neighborhood kids and I re-enacted Sky Shark with toy tanks and fireworks? Another game rides the coattails of that story: Land Sea Air Squadron. LSAS is basically Commando with vehicles. Jump in a chopper, a jet, and even a tank and a boat. Maybe not […]

I finally received Rambo III for SEGA Genesis.  Actually I received it about a week ago, but I really haven’t had much time to play it.  I like the Rambo movies.  Especially the first one, and it just so happens that the 3rd movie is my least favorite.  Games and movies never work well together […]