Tiny Toons 2 for Nintendo NES in 20 words. Collect tickets through mini games. Fight Montana Max. Difficult. Pretty. Fun.

Well it’s time for another retro game haul. Bigger then the last. Lets do this

06/28/10 (N64) Nintendo 64 With 2 Controllers
06/28/10 (N64) The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask
06/28/10 (N64) Mortal Kombat Trilogy
06/28/10 (N64) The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
06/28/10 (N64) Killer Instinct Gold
06/28/10 (N64) South Park
06/28/10 (N64) Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire
06/28/10 (N64) Gauntlet Legends
06/28/10 (N64) Hey You Pikachu
06/28/10 (N64) CastleVania
06/28/10 (N64) Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil
06/28/10 (Genesis) Streets Of Rage 2
06/28/10 (Genesis) Shining Force
06/28/10 (Genesis) Warrior of Rome
06/28/10 (Genesis) Mortal Kombat
06/28/10 (PS2) Madden 2003
06/28/10 (PS2) NCAA Football Something Or Other
06/28/10 (PS2) NBA Live 2003 Something Or Other
06/28/10 (SEGA CD) Sol-Feace
06/28/10 (SEGA CD) Lethal Enforcers
06/28/10 (SEGA CD) The Secret Of Monkey Island
06/28/10 (SEGA CD) Sherlock Holmes II
06/28/10 (SEGA CD) Sherlock Holmes
06/28/10 (SEGA CD) SEGA Classics Arcade Collection – Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi, Columns, Golden Axe
06/28/10 (SEGA CD) Lunar The Silver Star
06/28/10 (SEGA CD) The Prince Of Persia
06/28/10 (SEGA CD) Risde of the Dragon
06/28/10 (SEGA CD) Bram Stoker’s Dracula
06/28/10 (SEGA CD) Third World War
06/28/10 (SEGA CD) Ecco The Dolphin


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Less Is More

Here we go again with my ‘less is more mantra’. Batman for Nintendo NES demonstrates this well. Like many of the other Sunsoft games the graphic designers knew how to fully exploit a limited palette.

Throughout most of this game the background images are incomplete. You’ll see windows, doors, staircases, and bricks not fully rendered. In many cases only two sides of an object are drawn leaving the player to ‘mentally’ fill in the blank areas. It would be difficult nowendays to pull this off. Some would argue that no one would want this anyways.

If game programmers no longer have to be creative to render a detailed and lush environment to fit the theme of a game then what does this tell us about the other creative elements that build the foundation of the game? 65 million color palettes and fully digital sound and near unlimited memory capacity is making game developers lazy. But whats worst isn’t the elements the player experiences but those elements that happen behind the scenes. You see, before programmers had to be efficient in everything they did. If a new sub-routine was introduced to say animate a random bird or cloud flying by in the background, there would be a chance that new sub routine would slow the game down. One or two sub-routines could dramatically change the feel of the game so many cool effects were avoided unless the programmer found a creative effecient solution.

But with the fancy processors in the current generation of game consoles programmers don’t need to worry about these routines slowing the action down. But there is a problem in doing this. The more routines introduced the more opportunities there are for a programmer to make a mistake. This is why so many games now have glitches and bugs. Despite weeks of beta testing many will go unnoticed or ignored. Further, I suspect many more games will be released with bugs on purpose with the expectation that if enough people complain a patch will be released – another luxury the games of the past didn’t have.

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This has been a busy week, with a bunch of games received!

(NES) Battle of Olympus
(NES) Batman
(Gameboy) Qix
(SNES) System with two controllers, power supply Asciiware Arcade Stick
(SNES) Killer Instinct Complete
(SNES) Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Complete
(SNES) Clay Fighter Complete
(SNES) Mortal Kombat Complete
(SNES) Lemmings
(SNES) Super Mario World
(SNES) Star Fox
(SNES) Street Fighter II
(SNES) Populous
(SNES) Drakkhen
(SNES) The Chessmaster
(SNES) Spawn
(SNES) Gemfire
(SNES) Mechwarrior
(Gameboy) Motocross Maniacs
(Gameboy) Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge
(Gameboy) Tetris
(Gameboy) Boomer’s Adventure in ASMIK World
(NES) Elevator Action
(NES) Star Wars
(Gameboy) The King Of Fighters ’95

Whew thats a bunch of games.

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I had originally planned to talk about River City Ransom tonight but instead wanted to hint at an upcoming video post about war and videogames.

As a society we talk about war constantly. If we’re not engaged in one we’re teaching the history of war or we entertain ourselves with it on television or the big screen. In it’s basic form war is a game and therefore fits well with videogames. FPS are the big thing now and they have become a celebration of what battle is perceived to be like.

I’m not sure who said it or how exactly they said it but “whoever likes war has obviously never been in one.” And thats very true. There was a point in time when a war videogame didn’t represent the gore, smoke, and death of real combat and while developers have pushed the envelope on realism they seem to forget that a videogame is supposed to be a game. It’s meant for fun but somehow we’ve shifted to the sick and twisted reality simulation of live combat. Anyone who has experienced this for real is NOT going to relive it as a ‘game’.

Anyways War! A Videogame will be presented in three parts here soon…

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Adventure Island for Nintendo NES… is one of the most under rated games in history. This game has all of the elements of a fun game. A simple story with simple controls plenty of different enemies and its fast paced.

You might not know this but that Castaway movie… the one with Tom Hanks was originally a movie adaptation of this game. But there goes Hollywood with their finger on the button changing the movie to be more politically correct.

You see, in Adventure Island Master Higgins kills creatures indiscriminately with a stone axe. For the movie the axe was changed to an ice skate. The game featured a skate board and the movie had flat chested Helen Hunt. The similarities are amazing.

Anyways its a fun game. The Master System version called Wonder Boy which had more colors but less action. Oh and good music too.




Well after an eBay dry spell three games came today. Elevator Action, NFL, and Star Wars for Nintendo NES. All three are in perfect condition.

I also won King of Fighters for Gameboy, Shinobi, Batman, Battle of Olympus and another Kick Master.

I’m still looking for a Conan: Mysteries of Time and Fatal Fury complete for Genesis.

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I’ve blogged about Double Dragon so many times before. But it’s so much fun so why not again? 

Sometimes there is a subtle plot to a videogame that can easily be forgotten or ignored in the action.  Double Dragon is one such game. Now depending on the version you’ll usually be treated with a story about a girl being kidnapped in a post apocalyptic nuclear world. That might be true, but the evidence doesn’t support it. 

For example why is everything still intact?  The skyscrapers in the first level show no damage. The construction site looks a little organized to be rebuilding a destroyed city. 

The arcade and Genesis versions have wanted posters so there must be some sort of law enforcement around which asks the toughest question of all: why not call the police? Sure it makes a lousy plot for a game, or maybe its a key to a bigger piece of  the plot.

I think Marian is a junkie.  Billy and Jimmy are pushers, and the Shadow Warriors are part of some major drug cartel.  Why would they hide out in caves or even have a fabulous palace decked out with spikes and dragon heads and other ridiculous crap?  Maybe in the Japanese to Engrish translation it was supposed to be like “Double Drag On”… like “Hey Jimmy, take a double drag on this bong.”

Then again, at the end of the day, maybe this is just a story about a kidnapping.

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21 years ago Nintendo’s Gameboy was released. 20 years ago I received it as a gift from my mother. I was 13 and my mother was at the beginning of her end. It was by far the most significant gift I received as a kid and I kept it all these years.

Around 1999 when Pokemon was all the rage and Gameboy pockets were popular I checked to see if my Gameboy which was ten years old at the time still worked. It did except for vertical lines through the screen. I took it apart and realized the ribbon to the screen could be pressed and sometimes the lines would return. Never was I able to get all of them to return however. So that, like most of my projects were abandoned and forgotten.

Recently with www.videogamepriceguides.com I have had a growing interest in Gameboy games. With Nintendo 3DS right around the corner it’s hard to believe the original Gameboy is two decades old. In that time we’ve fought three wars have had four different presidents two oilspills two Transformers movies and an awesome A-Team remake!

But ten years in a plastic bin had not fixed the broken screen. But the power of the internet and Youtube I found some helpful (yet scary) information to fix it. It involved using a soldering iron on a delicate piece of plastic. I was dog tired this evening when I started this project but decided to sleep and work on it tomorrow. But the damn Gameboy haunted me. So I got up and tried the methods I saw online.

I was able to fix all but one critical line. I called it a night and pushed the Gameboy away from me. Magically the last line reappeared….. EUREKA!

I reassembled my childhood treasure. Good as new. Two decades old.

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Kick Master

Recently I’ve been playing a healthy amount of Kick Master for Nintendo NES. This was one of the first games I bought in 2010 and although I liked the game the plot seemed ridiculous.

I never really gave my thoughts on it so here it goes. Kick Master is a masterpiece. I owe Taito an apology. Yes, I insist the plot is ridiculous but the plots to many games are ridiculous and to some degree absurd!

Basically you’re this young guy traveling in a forest with a knight or a king or someone important. Skeletons attack and with the knight’s dying breath he asks you to avenge his death with your kicking power.

Kicking power does not seem like a fitting attack against monsters. Anyways the title screen has a demo mode that shows all the kicks that can be done. It’s actually pretty cool.

As the game progresses you pick up orbs that have magical abilities like projectile weapons and a health restorer. It looks as though there are at least 20 items that can be picked up. Dying enemies throw experience points, magic vials, health, and other cool items.

The music is fitting and memorable but this game really shines in it’s presentation. The second level takes place in a cave that is extremely detailed. The foreground and background including the enemies really sparkle on a black contrasted screen. And look at the size of that 2nd boss!

Kick Master is an awesome game. Just ignore the story!

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