Monthly archive: June 2010

          Tiny Toons 2 for Nintendo NES in 20 words. Collect tickets through mini games. Fight Montana Max. Difficult. Pretty. Fun.

Well it’s time for another retro game haul. Bigger then the last. Lets do this 06/28/10 (N64) Nintendo 64 With 2 Controllers 06/28/10 (N64) The Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask 06/28/10 (N64) Mortal Kombat Trilogy 06/28/10 (N64) The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time 06/28/10 (N64) Killer Instinct Gold 06/28/10 (N64) South Park 06/28/10 (N64) […]

Less Is More

Here we go again with my ‘less is more mantra’. Batman for Nintendo NES demonstrates this well. Like many of the other Sunsoft games the graphic designers knew how to fully exploit a limited palette. Throughout most of this game the background images are incomplete. You’ll see windows, doors, staircases, and bricks not fully rendered. […]

This has been a busy week, with a bunch of games received! (NES) Battle of Olympus (NES) Batman (Gameboy) Qix (SNES) System with two controllers, power supply Asciiware Arcade Stick (SNES) Killer Instinct Complete (SNES) Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Complete (SNES) Clay Fighter Complete (SNES) Mortal Kombat Complete (SNES) Lemmings (SNES) Super Mario World (SNES) […]

I had originally planned to talk about River City Ransom tonight but instead wanted to hint at an upcoming video post about war and videogames. As a society we talk about war constantly. If we’re not engaged in one we’re teaching the history of war or we entertain ourselves with it on television or the […]

Adventure Island for Nintendo NES… is one of the most under rated games in history. This game has all of the elements of a fun game. A simple story with simple controls plenty of different enemies and its fast paced. You might not know this but that Castaway movie… the one with Tom Hanks was […]

      Well after an eBay dry spell three games came today. Elevator Action, NFL, and Star Wars for Nintendo NES. All three are in perfect condition. I also won King of Fighters for Gameboy, Shinobi, Batman, Battle of Olympus and another Kick Master. I’m still looking for a Conan: Mysteries of Time and […]

I’ve blogged about Double Dragon so many times before. But it’s so much fun so why not again?  Sometimes there is a subtle plot to a videogame that can easily be forgotten or ignored in the action.  Double Dragon is one such game. Now depending on the version you’ll usually be treated with a story […]

21 years ago Nintendo’s Gameboy was released. 20 years ago I received it as a gift from my mother. I was 13 and my mother was at the beginning of her end. It was by far the most significant gift I received as a kid and I kept it all these years. Around 1999 when […]

Kick Master

Recently I’ve been playing a healthy amount of Kick Master for Nintendo NES. This was one of the first games I bought in 2010 and although I liked the game the plot seemed ridiculous. I never really gave my thoughts on it so here it goes. Kick Master is a masterpiece. I owe Taito an […]