Monthly archive: October 2010

The year was 1984 and I lived on the east side of Las Vegas. Back then the population was probably around 80,000 where as today its close to 2 million!  The city wasn’t developed like it is today and it wasn’t uncommon to see vacant desert lots between pockets of houses and shopping centers.  Back […]

You would think porting The King Of Fighters ’95 to Gameboy would be a disaster, especially when you consider the abortions that Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter II, and Killer Instinct were on the portable.  The game has a huge cast with 15 playable characters.  All of the favorites are here.  And even with only two […]

Paperboy for Gameboy is an excellent conversion… sorta.  As mentioned in the Double Dragon for Gameboy post, Gameboy developers eventually learned how to fully used the hardware to make some fantastic games, and in some respects Paperboy for Gameboy is an excellent game… compared to the NES version.  But if you compare junk to junk […]

Double Dragon for Gameboy is one of my most favorite games for the Gameboy and for any game system for that matter.  Let’s find out why… By the time Double Dragon came out game developers appeared to learn how to fully use the Gameboy hardware to create some fantastic games.  Despite its small screen this […]

In the final minutes of two Nintendo NES lots on eBay I tossed out two ridiculous bids.  Both lots had ten games each.  Both had FREE shipping.  Grand total I won both for $15.50.  BUT WAIT.  I had an eBay bucks certificate bringing the total down to $12.59.  Seller has more than 1000 transaction with […]

Fortified Zone for Gameboy is a very simple, and quick war game. You have two soldiers in your arsenal.  Some broad, and a guy.  The broad can shoot and jump, where as the guy can shoot and throw grenades but can’t jump. Sprites are pretty large in the game.  Including the bullets.  Shooting an enemy […]

The internet will be a buzz with stories about the 25th anniversary over the launch of the original Nintendo NES.  And rightfully so.  Its not uncommon on the day of an important milestone people would reminisce about the event.  Typically this behavior is exercised on the anniversary date of disasters… Where were you on 9/11, […]

With Super Mario Bros. turning 25 what better way to celebrate than to listen to Bill O’Reilly’s Special Report.

Well… I finally received the wrong copy of Rolling Thunder 2. You might be asking how it could be the wrong copy, since there is only one version available on SEGA Genesis. If you’ve been following my tirade then you know I bought a second copy out of spite. Well this copy arrived first even […]

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