Monthly archive: March 2011

RoboCop the arcade game by Data East is in my opinion, one of the greatest arcade games ever. Not only did Data East have exclusivity on the RoboCop franchise for the arcade, but it also seem to have exclusivity (at least for a while) for the home versions as well. The three Nintendo versions are […]

It’s amazing the difference a paddle controller makes.  Arkanoid for Nintendo NES is no exception.  If you follow my videos then you know I recently acquired a Vaus controller from a thrift store.  It looked beautiful except it didn’t work… well. The paddle was jittery on the screen so I opened her up.  I thought […]

I found a clear green Nintendo 64 with CastleVania and Kirby from a local Savers. The system is fantastic, but the games… not so much.

Just a quick video on four silver label Atari games I got from eBay including Joust, Jungle Hunt, Pole Position and Real Sports Baseball

As baseball season draws near I can’t help but feel nostalgic towards this traditional American passtime.  My baseball videogame of choice will always be RBI for the original Nintendo NES.  But before this game was accessible to me Real Sports Baseball for Atari 2600 had to fit the bill. The original Baseball game for Atari […]

Used videogames frequently endure the indignity of being exposed to heavy tobacco use. Not only do cigarettes kill humans they also kill videogames. Ok, maybe not. But smoke is greasy and it stinks, and it makes games greasy and stink. So watch as I remove the stink with some Martha Stewart science. We’ll also check […]

Hey, I saw this post:  and I thought it was cool.  But I didn’t want to spam up Salzmafia.Com with 30 posts of semi-related content.  So in an effort to be efficient I decided to post all 30 days at once.  Updated: After doing this exercise it’s kinda futile.  For me the questions are not specific […]

I have a couple cool video game finds in this video that I got from a thrift store including a Vaus. We also check out eBay seller Infravision, and check out the ultra cool iCade 60-in-1 Jamma Mame board with footage of BurgerTime!