Monthly archive: April 2011

So after weeks of being too busy to game hunt, I finally made it back to Broadacres Swapmeet on Saturday. It was the first time I had ever left empty handed, and it was entirely due to my stupidity. Normally I prefer to go on a Sunday because there always seems to be more games, […]

I type this in the middle of the PSN crisis.  In 1978 Atari unleashed this gem onto an unsuspecting public.  Take a look at that label art.  It, like so many of the Atari 2600 labels, is gorgeous.  It feels perfect.  I bet it felt as perfect in 1978 as it does now in 2011.  […]

Bubble Bobble Old And New for Game Boy Advance is a fantastic game.  Even if you’ve never played a Bubble Bobble game before you’re going to enjoy this. Basically both games are the same: using your dinosaur spit bobblea at the enemies.  When they get trapped pop the bubble and earn points plus items.  The […]

Talk about a unique and beautiful compilation!  Capcom Classics Mini Mix for Game Boy Advance is a work of art!  While Nintendo was releasing their original NES titles as part of the Classics series Capcom did one better and included three original NES games on one game pak! Some might argue that the three gamea […]

My feelings about the PSN and online gaming in general is no secret.  But I am amazed by the number of bloggers and journalists who are comparing the PS3 to an original Nintendo NES simply because the PSN is down. The NES should feel insulted or proud.

So GameStop was having a special of buy 2 Game Boy Advance games and get two for free (of equal or lesser value).  I jumped on this opportunity!  I only have about a dozen Game Boy Advance games and all of them are complete.  So at first I was kinda leary, but then I decided […]

Does Wrestlemania Challenge really need two posts?  Does any of the Wrestlemania games need two?  Probably not.  Having acquired all three WWF games for the Nintendo NES I can say that this one has the best wrestlers but the most awkward gameplay.  The ring is isometric which makes the game silly in many respects. Part […]

Do videogames reduce the number of serial killers on the loose?  They might if my fuzzy math pans out… I recently read an article that cited a certain percentage of the general public are addicted to gaming.  I don’t remember the exact percentage nor do I remember where I read the article.  But I have […]

Super Spike V’Ball for Nintendo NES is one of those sports games that if you played as a kid you would actually have a genuine interest in volley ball… For about five minutes. Don’t get me wrong -this is a great game and probably the best volley ball game on Nintendo.  The music is perfect […]

There are many people who might say that Pit Fighter was a terrible game, possibly one of the worst ever.  I can see where that hate comes from.  The game has lousy controls the animation is choppy and the music mostly does not exist. But the game does have some historical value to it.  For […]