Monthly archive: October 2011

It’s easy to get carried away with wanting to post reviews every day, but like and work happens, boooo!  Anyways nothing takes a load off than a quick game of DJ Boy! Originally an arcade game release by American Sammy (I think) the game is basically Double Dragon on skates.  In the original story your […]

Nintendo has always been patent heavy – obtaining them on every idea they have ever had. Which is probably a good idea which you’ll see in a moment. Presented for your enjoyment are some of the Weird and Recognizable Nintendo Patents. First up we have a Famicom to NES Adaptor. It looks that perhaps Nintendo […]

Race Drivin’ for SEGA Genesis is the greatest most realistic driving simulator ever known to man kind!  Seriously!  Some have described Gran Turismo 5 as a skid mark left on the driver’s seat of the arcade version of Hard Drivin’.  It is that good! Well maybe not.  The SEGA Genesis port is an excellent version […]

Ghouls N Ghosts for SEGA Genesis is a masterpiece.  I remember as a kid there were two pre-Sonic games that the magazines raved about.  The first was Strider and the second was GNG. Like most pre-Sonic games, GNG is an arcade port.  A Capcom arcade port to be exact and if you noticed on the […]

  It’s no mystery why The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie for SEGA Genesis is such a great game.  Published by Capcom in the mid-nineties it has the quality you’d expect from a Capcom platformer. Basically Mickey and Minnie take a ride to the edge of town to visit the circus.  But when […]