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I got a couple Atari games for my birthday. Also a Samsung Tab which I used to make this video.


I recently obtained a copy of Xenophobe for Atari 7800. Many people hate this game. They hate the Nintendo NES version even more. The NES version is a distant memory for me, but the arcade version and the Atari 7800 version remains fresh in my mind. As a kid of the age of 10 or […]

Don’t even think of trying this Atari 7800 controller mod.  What I really mean to say is don’t follow MY instructions on how to do it.  As you will screw it up.  Not because the information in wrong, but I did this half-assed.  Anyways, in case you don’t know SEGA Genesis controllers make a great […]

See this: $4 4 x 220659728433 D Subs Male/Female $3.55 1 X 320537735690 10 D-Sub Hoods $1 1 X 260807379026 30 PNP Transistors 2n3906 $1 1 X 250840393958 50 620 ohm resistors $1 1 X 260807469052 50 1k ohm resistors It’s a shopping list. Rather than mutilate a SEGA Genesis controller for use on the […]

This evening I got to spend more time with Double Dragon for Atari 7800.  I had anxiously waited for this game and thus far I’ve been pretty impressed. Tonight I got more experience with the controls – they are unique from all other versions of Double Dragon sans the Atari 2600 which has a similar […]

As promised, Double Dragon for the Atari 7800 has finally arrived.  Here are some quick impressions: 1.  The controls are awkward – not saying they are bad but when you’re used to NES controls you have a specific expectation.  2. The game has spirit of the arcade game – you can feel the programmers put […]

I finally obtained a copy of Double Dragon for Atari 7800.  I have never played it and have only seen a few seconds of video from it.  I am looking forward to the experience but for now I am loving the box art. Crafted by Activision, this box art is scary in a good way.  […]

Take a trip down memory lane with these coupons for Atari games. First up we have an official Atari Jacket. I’ve never heard of Murphy’s Mart, and I’m not sure if it was exclusive to this retail chain or not. Next we have a $2 off coupon for select Atari games from Kay-Bee toys. Featured […]

Enjoy my video review of Food Fight for Atari 7800. This game is incredible!

Here is my video review of Mario Bros. for Atari 7800