I’m currently engaged in an R.B.I. Baseball World Series for Nintendo NES. The rules are simple: whoever wins four games first is the champion.

Well what my opponent doesnt know is I’m doping. With Twizzlers and Skit-tels I have unlimited RBI powers.

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There are some Nintendo games I don’t even want to think about collecting.  For example any game featuring Sesame Street is a sure bet I’ll never play.  But you can’t say you’re going to collect all of the licensed Nintendo NES games unless you collect those too right?

Well, an interesting auction popped up on my radar.  It contained two copies of Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt, Super Sprint, Arch Rivals, Licensed RBI Baseball, and three of the five Sesame Street Games.

All this for a cool $7 + $4 shipping for a grand total of $11.

Despite having a three year old the Sesame Street games will be put away never to be played.  The Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunts are always useful as I’m always finding Nintendos at thrift stores.  So what I’m really paying $11 for is Felix the Cat, Arch Rivals, and Super Sprint.

Videogamepriceguides.com currently lists Super Sprint as being worth $4.  Licensed RBI is worth about $6, and Felix is currently listed as $18.

Wait, wait, wait, Now I know what you’re thinking… Felix isn’t worth $18, and technically it’s not and the $20 price is being skewed by two complete copies of Felix.  However, the cheapest other copy that is currently available is $10.  Six months ago VGPG listed it being worth about $16.  HillBillyMedia (which I’ve always felt has been over priced) doesn’t have a copy for less than $15.99.  VideoGamePriceCharts.Com says Felix is worth about $12.  See where I’m going with this?  I’m trying to justify the purchase of this auction.  Long story short this was a good deal, except… I already have a copy of Felix and Licensed RBI!

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RBI Baseball

Man, I love RBI Baseball on Nintendo.  There is sooo much to love about this game.  I first played the original VS. RBI Baseball at a Pistol Pete’s Pizza (which was like a Chuck E Cheese).  It was in a dual Nintendo VS. Cabinet.  Super Mario Bros. was on the left, and VS. RBI Baseball was on the right.
It’s a shame that Nintendo and Tengen had to have their differences.  The cool thing though was that a licensed copy was made for Nintendo prior to their legal struggles.  Originally programmed by Namco, Tengen did an excellent job.  Falling back on the less is more philosphy that I’ve spouted so many times on this blog, RBI Baseball provides exactly the bare minimum to be a true baseball game.
A nifty tune plays at the start, but the moment you have a man on base, woah boy watch out.  The tune turns stressful.  It doesn’t matter if you’re pitching or batting, you’re engaged.  You’re committed.  And that music doesn’t help!  Throw the ball and pray they strike out.  Have the ball thrown to you and pray it’s a homer.
RBI is quite possibly the greatest baseball game ever made…

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