Here we have Popeye for the Atari 2600.  In many respects its a reasonable port.  The first stage is closer to the arcade version than the NES version (you can only go down the ladder and not up).  It even has most of the music though the Popeye theme seems to repeat too […]

If you’re looking for an excellent home port of Donkey Kong, this version for the Atari 2600 certainly isn’t it.  A lot of people hate on this version and some people accuse Coleco of purposely making sub par.  I happen not to believe that though.  Sure the game does have alot to be desired (and […]

The Frogger port for Atari 2600 is excellent.  It captures the feel of the arcade version very well.  The only complaint I would have is the flicker but you don’t notice it much.  There are plenty of bright colors and the game is simply fun and this is what matters most.  Recommended!

I’ve seen plenty of people hate on Pac-man for Atari 2600.  I’ve never understood why, sure the game has only a bare resemblence to the arcade game but who really cares?  So many games back then had such a hint of resemblence to the real deal that it didn’t even matter.  This version of Pac-man […]

Hot dogs, eggs, and breadsticks?  Well its close enough I suppose.  Burgertime for Atari 2600 has alot going for it.  Its a little on the slow side but requires similar skill to the arcade version.  The music is close enough and the fun factor is there but the controls are not polished.  I found myself […]