I’m currently in the process of moving the Video Game Price Guides www.videogamepriceguides.com to a new host.  I expect the migration to be completed before the Classic Gaming Expo (August 10th).  That’s less than a month away! In addition to the price guides moving all of my other sites and blogs including this one www.salzmafia.com, […]

One of the closest representations of Las Vegas in a video game has to be Street Fighter II. Take a look at how close Capcom got it right. Let’s start by pointing out some of the real landmarks including the Golden Nugget, the Golden Goose, Sassy Sally’s, and a wedding chapel. The Golden Nugget once […]

My 2012 Video Game Collecting Goals will be different than previous years for a variety of reasons: 1. For most of 2011 I simply did not have the cash like I had previous years to splurge on games, it’s just been a bad year. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it has forced me […]

Last summer was the game collecting summer to end all game collecting summers!  I had a great time at the Classic Gaming Expo but it was cancelled this year.  I was disappointed at first but now I am glad. It’s been a rough couple of months with a seemingly endless drain on finances.  Sure, I […]

Has it really been six months since the Classic Gaming Expo 2010 breezed through Las Vegas?  Why yes it has and the excitement hasn’t yet worn off, at least not for me.  Details are scant for a CGEXPO 2K11 and I frequent the forums at digitpress.com for a hint of any information pertaining to this […]